What Is A Patreon Anyway?

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7:23AM 7.12.17, Minneapolis, MN

How This Works.

Right now, it’s 7:25am and I’m sitting in Peace Coffee on Minnehaha Ave. in Minneapolis, MN. I have approximately 25 minutes to saunter onto set for filming day 4 of 4 of a web series. The series piggy backs onto Tatiana & Toussaint, my first web series which just released its first episode this week.

What is Patreon?

There’s a mass of confusion as to exactly what the hell it is that Patreon does, and what the primary function of my film project is. So, allow me to clear this up and give you one basic line of exchange: for $5 a month, we will write you into the credits of each episode for the month that you subscribe for $5 or more. Also, for $5 a month, you’ll a film a week, 1 week in advance to its public release. Aside from your name in the credits, you’ll also get my gratitude and undying love that will go out monthly as well.

The road will be long for this project, and even longer for the Patreon that will support it. While we’re at it, let’s clear up this whole “wtf is Patreon” thing while we’re at it. Patreon is like a long-term Kickstarter. You financially support an artist with a monthly payment, and in return you get outrageously cool insight as to how the artist made what they made, input on their next project, and you have access to a weekly Patreon feed for Patrons only. Patrons are people that contribute to an artists Patreon. More? Ok, Patreon is a means of continuously crowdfunding artists to give them the foundational support they need to keep making art. For me, it goes something like this: You pay $8 for a monthly Netflix subscription and get to watch a limited amount of films. You pay $5 a month for my Patreon and you get a view into how each film was made, live Q & A’s with the actors, and your name in the credits. Much awesome, complete cool.

What The Hell Am I Doing?

I’ve started a Patreon to create short films and web series that involve majority casts of color. Over the next year, I’ll be prioritizing this and my music to the point of no day job. This is my day job. Every week, on Tuesday (barring certain danger, or laptop collapse) I’ll be uploading a new film in the form of an episodic web series or short film to the Urban Home Cinema YouTube site. Patrons will get the film a week early.

The current web series I’m releasing right now is Tatiana & Toussaint, which basically covers Tatiana Williams and myself playing cohabitants of an apartment that where being old enough to be an adult doesn’t always result in acting like an adult. It’s funny, jovial, and joyous, and you can catch it here.

What I’d Love For You To Do?

  1. Become a patron! Please, in any fashion. You can even donate $1 a month. Anything you contribute will ultimately put me closer to my goal of being able to fully fund more films with majority casts of color colliding with subject matter most major networks don’t touch on. This is what I love to do, will do until I’m dead, and want to grow more and more to extend opportunities for the films, myself, and so many other film people I work with. Your contribution will go waaaaaay farther than you could imagine.
  2. Subscribe to Urban Home Cinema. It’s the free option, and still goes a damn long way. You’ll get episodes of films I make every week, and be able to keep in touch on new commentary vids I make, where I give you a background on the process behind each episode. Patrons get these videos too, just a lot earlier than the YouTube subscribers.
  3. Stay in touch. As an artist in the 21st century, I’m beyond privileged to have social media, an iPhone, and a litany of means to showcase my message in any way I choose. My grandfather was known as “Doc” because he knew music theory so well that his fellow University of Minnesota Marching Bandmates referred to him as the “Doctor”. He performed on the Minnesota Vikings’ ship float for every home game and frequented the Harriet Bandshell with jazz bands, playing his trombone. Some days, I think “What would grandpa do if he wanted to get this song out to the people, to the radio stations- to anyone!?!?” and I start from there. For this coming film venture in releasing a film a week, you can keep up to date at one or more of the following social mediaz:


Toussaint’s Instagram

Urban Home Companion’s Facebook

Urban Home Companion’s Website

Urban Home Cinema’s Website (work in progress)

Toussaint’s Facebook

Toussaint’s Twitter

Blang, there it is. I’m off to set. Love you all, and thanks for taking the time out of your day to give this a read!


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