What If Jon Jones Doesn’t Win?

Toussaint Morrison July 28, 2017 CultureOrgy Comments Off on What If Jon Jones Doesn’t Win?

I have to be semi-quick with this because I forgot my laptop charger at home. I have roughly 40 minutes to type out this article for you, on a shoddy 2011 Lenovo. This thing is rustier than the lowest priced 1965 Thunderbird on Craigslist… in Wisconsin. Let’s make that clear. I also was in the studio last night, and watched Game of Thrones where we took a shot every time someone died. The girls from Dorn didn’t make it. Spoiler Alert… shit, was I supposed to write “Spoiler Alert” before I said that?

Any who, tomorrow, the rubber meets the road after a wait of almost a quarter decade. Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier will share an octagon for approximately five five-minute rounds, or until one of them kills the other. And I mean that, these men hate each other. Actually hate undermines the scathing vitriol betwixt the two. If either man saw the other during a zombie apocalypse, he’d pull the trigger immediately. They wouldn’t wait to discover if the other was a zombie or not, they’d just off him. If an actual purge took place, like the Ethan Hawk movie, both men would rush to the other just to take legal justice (and satisfaction) into ones own hands to off the other. The bad blood is real, and if you’re a human that’s ever disliked someone to the point it made you not blink for several seconds, you’ll want to watch this.

The fight, the build-up, Brendan F***ing Schaub’s hypemachine, Kenny Florian unable to conduct anything journalistically professional- all of it is… fun. It’s hype, the way it was meant to be. I don’t want to get into that, however what I want to put out here is: What if Jon Jones doesn’t win the fight.

After plunging his car into a pregnant woman’s car, snorting more coke than Lamar Odom, and spending over a half-decade being the greatest fighter (while hungover) of all time, Jon Jones is pressed firmly against a wall of irrefutable truth in his upcoming match with Daniel Cormier. If Jones loses, he’ll not only fall out of GOAT status, it’ll also surrender our idea of who Jon Jones is. Losing is a part of MMA, however Jones has not been a part of losing. Going undefeated in any form of competition Disneyfies our perception of an athlete to that of a deity. Alas, Jones is human.

There is no vulnerability in victory. Even when losing at life, Jones was easily able to cry at a press conference, apologize and move back to his millions. Losing at MMA could possibly throw the young man into a rage the likes of comic books haven’t seen.

The smarmy shit-eating grin of Jon Jones wreaks of an inflated sense of self and braggadocio cock-sure ego. Although fans eat it up, his arrogance has assuredly been his downfall, and we enable in cheering for him. The height he puts himself, could be the demise he’ll have to free fall from if Daniel Cormier lands a random knockout blow.

If Jon Jones loses, I believe it could quite possibly be the last we see of him in MMA. He’s expressed his dislike for Dana White, already blown off reporters at press conferences in petulant childish fashion, and doesn’t financially need to fight. Jones is a made man, and might be the next Gina Carano or Ronda Rousey to exit MMA.

This Saturday will either be the ultimate enabling for a more conceded and pretentious Jones, or the finality of his MMA career. His fight won’t be one I’m cheering for either way.

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