The Firiest Sale: 5 Albums, 8 Bucks

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five in a row

First thing’s first! Click any of the pictures to be taken to the FIRE SALE! Or even click THIS!

I’m moving… not yet to LA, but I’m moving and purging boxes upon boxes of all things that can be humanly removed or sold. With that said, no, I will not be selling Panda Khan, so everyone stop asking. Panda Khan is going nowhere.panda khan

Moving onto what can be sold. Hmm- Now that I’ll be hunkered down recording a solo album for the better part of the calendar year, doing little to no shows, it’s about that time we have our first Fire Sale!!! With that, I’m bundling up 5 Albums for 8 bucks.

jatt cd picFirst, Jimmy & The Threats’ Album, Picking Fights & Blowing Kisses: I released this back in 2010 with Andrew Berkowitz and Matt Bissonette. Soon after we competed in a national a’capella contest and Berkowitz was swept up by a nationally touring a’capella group, kinda putting the kaibosh any more Threats activity. However, I have plans for ol’ Jimmy and the boys. They’ll be featured on a track of mine for the solo album, and we’ll also be mailing out this very album to over 300 college radio stations throughout the midwest. It’s the only a’capella album I’ve ever done. I’m hoping not the last.

awcb cd picSecond, The Blend’s After What Came Before: Honorably the first professional album we ever made. It was initially birthed in 2005, and sold at the Red Sea (Mpls, MN) for our release party, and then in Madison at the Mifflin St. Block Party. Running out of our first batch over the course of touring the country, we decided to get another, but soon went on hiatus afterwards. It’s wreckless- It’s young- It’s live… you’ll love it.


lazlo cd picThirdly, Lazlo Supreme’s Evil Made Easy:  After The Blend went defunct, I quickly turned to a minimalist set up with myself, Linden Killam on keys, and Pat Moses on drums. The trio lasted a few years before Pat moved to NYC, and is only known by it’s lone standing album right here.



fast times cd picFourthly, welp- it’s my 4th mixtape, Fast Times At Trillmont High: A hypothetical high school beset in Milwaukee. Standing as a Korean Immersion school where academic demigod Juice Williams haunts the hallways for lowly students traveling without a hallpass, the 15+ track mixtape is an adventure as much it is music. Nab it.



edo cd picLastly, the widely downloaded mixtape Edo: I put this bad boy together over the course of 4 years. The track, Villain With A Thousand Faces, began production in 2011 and wrapped in 2014. It’s a coming of age, Neo-Tokyo tour de Tron, capping a 5 mixtape series and bringing us to… now.



Finally, to answer your question- Yes, Dr. Wylie and I will be signing the mixtapes. 




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