Tatiana & Toussaint Find Home On… Instagram?

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Two and a half months ago, I released a web series “Tatiana & Toussaint”. The initial plan was to promote each episode via Google AdWords, and garner a subscription fanbase from there. The Patreon is the foundation of the whole thing, however this limb of promotion had to operate in order for me to get the word out beyond my family and friends. 7 episodes in, the funds didn’t match the traffic. AdWords seems to operate far better for a Forbes 500 company, or app startup backed by 6 to 7 digits of fiscal muscle. Working by myself to produce a web series into a viral sensation… well, AdWords wudn’t cuttin’ it.

Looking back, I had experimented with Instagram and $20 before. I was promoting a video that promoted a live show of mine at the Icehouse in Minneapolis. I know- I know, promoting a video that promotes a show is a bit redundant, and I had to see if it produced any traffic. The results were small, so I left IG alone. Moving forward, I felt that purchasing a promotion via Instagram might prove more useful for a web series than a vid promoting a show, na’mean?

From the first experimental 20 bucks, IG clamped onto the audience and hit nearly every account that would want to have something to do with the content. People commented, clicked the “Watch More” button and further more subscribed to the YouTube channel. We had found our audience!

20 bucks and a different episode later, I took the wheel from clicking IG’s “Automatic” audience, to one I thought Tatiana & Toussaint would work best with: 18 – 35, U.S., Canada, UK, TV Lovers. “Nay”, replied the internet. Some of the comments hit racially intense kickback, some people didn’t get it, and it was an overall flop.

Going back to IG’s suggested “Automatic” audience where they find users that would most likely dig your content, I tripled my budget to a whopping $60 (I know, laugh here), and the video went out the damn park! The amount of views more than tripled from the last promotion, gathered a shite ton of comments and most importantly (to me) garnered 50 new YouTube subscribers.

My filmmaking career has moved at a turtle’s pace, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This route of producing web series is proving to be an effort for the long haul, whereas nothing breaks overnight in my world (although it would be nice, I can’t expect it to, nor is that what I do the work for). I love making films and scripts that give stories others can find their lives in, whether it be a day-to-day struggle, a laugh-now-cry-later scenario, or finding something that they’ve felt their entire life and just didn’t have words for it.

As it stands right now, the audience IG has found resonating most with the Tatiana & Toussaint web series, is black females in Georgia between the ages of 18 – 35. New York is a close 2nd, and California a semi-close 3rd.

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