Sportsing Is Easy: Cheer For The Dodgers Because An Astros Player Made An Obscenely Racially-Charged Gesture

The title really says it all, and sportsing really IS that easy, folks. Right now, as you most likely don’t care, the Houston Astros are in a 3-3 series tie with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Given you’re from neither town, and give negative effs for baseball, one thing you should have a stake in is if a player says some inflammatory shite that would shut down a good conversation in a heartbeat. Ahoy, just that happened!

During the World Series exchange betwixt the two teams, during game 5, Houston Astros player, Yuri Gurriel hit a homerun off of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Yu Darvish. After rounding the bases, Gurriel celebrated in the dugout, as one does and should, and then pulled his eyes back with his fingers to make an obscenely derogatory gesture to the fact that Yu Darvish is Japanese, as one shouldn’t… ever. The gesture has long been the wheelhouse of weak logic, bigots, and racism- and Mr. Gurriel went and let it rip on national television.

On camera in front of the world, or in a room alone, the gesture is diabolically offensive. The argument I make here isn’t whether he should be punished, shunned, publicly shame, or whatever- It’s that if you don’t care about sports, you surely care about someone making a racially-charged offensive gesture. And if you do care about that, then you should cheer for the Dodgers. Again, sportsing is easy.

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