Why David J. Buchanan’s Premier of Rideshare is Important

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All Info for David J. Buchanan’s Premier of Rideshare

I met Dave Buchanan on lunch in 2014, while filming Studio Luma. The Luma project was a year+ long stint that would serve as a film school for actors with infrequent film experience, and a steady job for crew that did’t want to take the Winter-Long risk of going without any freelance work. The Best Dude of Dudes, ambassador of Saint Paul, and enigmatic champion of the one-liner Dave Palm had brought Buchanan on set for a little bit to day-play. I thought nothing of it.

Later on, I’d run into Buchanan a few months later on a set for something that someone was shooting and needed actors for free. I thought nothing of it.

Then, by the end of the Luma run, I had somehow gotten to know Buchanan through several weeks of him day-playing on set for gaffing and lighting. By then, we, the two brothers on set, began to nickname one another. Or perhaps I just nicknamed him… Two Cannons.

What I found in Dave Buchanan, which I found special, was him being less concerned of what he’s going to be and more concerned with what he’s going to do. Yes, David is a director, and two years ago was less attached to the label than he was the actual work when he didn’t necessarily hold the title of “director”. Buchanan, since Luma, has shown me how to pursue a short film with the fervency of a hypothetical child of Robert Rodriguez and Guillermo Del Toro. His eye for the active verbs in a script are detailed to the T and then communicated on set in a language that gets swiftly to the point. And it’s this fervency that has gotten a damn good amount of quality work done over the past two years, and I’m so proud of him.

Buchanan’s Rideshare is his first step into an extremely dark world from which he operates. When first handed the script, I read thru it and then read thru it with a girlfriend of mine and waited for the guttural reaction she’d have to it. Slightly disturbed and mystified, she looked off into the distance with a look of WTF worn upon her face, it was then I knew I wanted to be a part of Rideshare.

Over the course of 3 overnight shoots creating Rideshare, I went slightly delirious. I’d laugh to myself like an old man in a coffeeshop with no headphones on, and then fall asleep. I’d awake 90 minutes later from a lucid dream of a bear or tiger chasing me through an open field, and then doze back off to relive the same nightmare, only including the fact I was naked running from the monsters this time.

I digress.

Rideshare was a grueling experience… not only for me. The crew for Rideshare went to the Nth degree and then some. Folks had shoots the next day after filming, day-jobs to get to, and family to take care of. My ass just had to get back to writing songs & poetry in a coffee shop. Fending off cops interrupting filming, weathering rainfall, and beating out sunrise (on the final day of filming) was all due to the expediency of the crew and most importantly David J. Buchanan and Travis Higgins. Higgins… hmm, forgot to mention him. Yeah, if Dave was the mind and body behind Rideshare, the crew was the heart, and Higgins was the arteries… all of the arteries. Travis Higgins has that same special glint to him that I see in Buchanan, in which he works tirelessly beyond complaint and title. He’s there to get the shot, and will do anything to get that shot. If Buchanan says, “Higgins, I need you to straddle Toussaint to get the shot.” Lord willing, Higgins will straddle me (and he did) and get the bloody shot.

The duo of Buchanan and Higgins teamed up for Rideshare and the other short we’ll be showing the night of the premiere, See You Soon.

Yes, I cannot say enough about David J. Buchanan, so you’ll have to attend the premiere of his short film Rideshare tomorrow, Thursday, April 27 at the Bryant Lake Bowl here in Minneapolis, MN at 6:45pm.

Show starts at 7pm, ends at 8pm, and will have a small surprise at the end of the whole shindig that we think you’ll appreciate.

Advanced tickets are available here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2903945

They will only be on sale for the rest of today and part of tomorrow, I believe. So, get them now, as they’re a little cheaper, and assure you a spot in the theatre!

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