Report: Adam J Dunn Makes Fly Motion Audio Video, Proves Continued Freshness

I wont’ be too long with this one, so I’ll start off by saying whatever you’re doing is most likely not at the freshness level of this video. What is this video, you ask? It is a combined effort of super-serum-like talents and unbridled creative genius from Adam J. Dunn, Edward Folly and Dr. Wylie.

Edward mulled through two rehearsals- only two!- before laying down the guitar for this ditty. Then, Wylie, having already co-opted the song gone viral “Baby, I’m Bad Weather” added a flavor taste to the already ridiculously delicious guitar loops laid down. Lastly, in swoops Adam J. Dunn to put the proverbial cherry of VFX on top of the already-delectable track.

Behold, a motion audio vid of my new single, Baby Gots Venom. It is one of 9 more to come in the next month before Lesser Restoration hits the intranetz.

Oh, and if you haven’t already taken wind of the new Wylie EP, get this- the entirety of his EP in the form of motion audio video from Adam J. Dunn. It’s good. It’s all good.

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