Paper Prophet & Adam J Dunn Combine In Motion Audio Video, Freshness Restored to The Land

Some artists tell you how it’s done, and then there are artists that show you how it’s done. The Paper Prophet and Adam J Dunn are of the latter ilk. If they told you how they get it done, then you’d probably go and try to do it and most likely not get it done. You’d get it wrong, and then they’d have to tell you again. Why tell, when you can just show.

Behold, a motion audio video from Adam J Dunn, made from artwork by The Paper Prophet, to showcase a single of mine I released a few months ago. New Gods will be released as a music video, and not before it gets the treatment from the Dunn & Prophet.

I’m pretty sure we won’t be releasing a run of the mill cover art video where it sits still and plays the audio. These motion audio vids are too much damn fun. 8 more to go. Share this vid, Click like on it, and most importantly… stay tuned!

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