Yep, Last Day of School is getting Re-Released

Toussaint Morrison March 8, 2017 AudioDealer, CultureOrgy, Vids Comments Off on Yep, Last Day of School is getting Re-Released

You might’ve been one of the people that downloaded the famed mixtape that Dr. Wylie and I pieced together titled Fast Times at Trillmont High, based on a hypothetical Korean Immersion High School in Milwaukee that had just be reopened after closing its doors in the 80s. Yes, we made a mixtape about this, and it was gloriously fun the whole way. Now, if you were one of those people that downloaded that neon-infused retro mixtape of Billy Squire sampled hip-hop, there is an even smaller chance you were one of the folks that nabbed the tape within its first month of being released. Abound, let’s say you were… let’s say you still have that there 30-day young tape… then my goodness gracious, you have a song called Last Day of School.

Wylie and I scrapped the song figuring we could make much more use of it as a single featured on an entirely original album. Plus, Trillmont damn near had 20+ tracks mostly about Madison, Milwaukee, driving with women in Milwaukee, and the bitter rivalry between West and East Bend. No need to bog down the ol’ gal with a 7 minute anthemic of young black males dying before the age of 20. For seuth, we’ve made good on our plan 4 years later.

After a 4-day shoot with then film student, Danny Chamberlain, we assembled a music video for Last Day of School… and waited… and waited…

And… waited.

And today, I’m damn happy to announce that the music video and single will be releasing soon. Music video directed by Danny Chamberlain and yours truly, cover art by The Paper Prophet, and gettin’ by with a little harmony from my friend Jimmy & The Threats. Subscribe to Urban Home Companion, and you’ll surely be the first to know when it drops! Stay tuned, y’all.

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