I Blame All Of This On Chris Weidman

Toussaint Morrison July 21, 2017 CultureOrgy Comments Off on I Blame All Of This On Chris Weidman

There was a time when justice prevailed and good was king… then Chris Weidman slugged the consciousness out of Anderson Silva and brought forth a hell the likes of MMA hadn’t seen since Chuck Liddel was champion of something.

Anderson Silva was one of the most polarizing champions of our time, since Fedor Emalianenko. As one could say Fedor’s reign was more impressive in an era of HGH, Steroids, and a fighting league run by the Yakuza, whereas Anderson merely beat up on no-names and low-tier braggadocios who saw Silva’s skinny frame as an unworthy battle. The catch is Silva reigned over 3 different eras of MMA, and championed a time that the UFC surged to prominence.

Stroked into oblivion, Silva fell and Weidman went on to don the belt as the new UFC middleweight champion. In usurping the consciousness from a legend, one must then become a legend, right? Nay.

Weidman would hold on to the belt a handful of times before throwing the most ill-advised wheel kick in the history of human limb throwing. In his bout with human douche dumpster fire, Luke Rockhold, Weidman wheelkicked his way into an ass whooping that forever changed the gravity of the UFC.

Imagine the person you have the most venomous disdain for, and now imagine them winning… winning everything. Yes, watching Luke Rockhold win the UFC middleweight championship was like watching Donald Trump win the election. Then, we should have seen it as a sign of what’s to come. Alas, Rockhold opened a gate to MMA hell where Michael F****ing Bisping is champion, Robert Whittaker is merely an interim champ, and Anderson Silva threatens to retire if a meaningful fight doesn’t occur tomorrow. I understand this picture of Trump with the teacher of the year looks like the stuff of an upcoming ABC sitcom,  
and I refute it with this, a picture of Chris “Pandora’s Box Cranker” Weidman, now fighting for his career. Both equally unworthy of reality or existence.

Since he handed the keys to King Bro Rockhold, the universe has repaid Wediman in an indelible fashion of 3 consecutive losses, the last 2 arising in ultra-violent fashion of being kneed in the skull. Weidman has had a rough rough go of it, and this Saturday if he loses to 25 yr. old marijuana-enjoying thane Kelvin Gastelum, it might be the last we see of Weidman as he’ll most definitely pack his bags for Bellator and fight for human scraps.

The cautionary tale of Weidman is an egregiously ugly side of MMA. If the Vikings lose 3 in a row, they make millions and ride onto the next field. For MMA fighters, it means certain death of a career, brain cells, and income.

It was just less than 2 years ago Weidman threw that wtf-were-you-thinking wheel kick, and now he’s here: Win or retire. Holly Holm survived the brink of a 4-loss streak, and all praises be she did, because Holly needed a W like OJ needed parole. For Weidman, who the hell knows what happens if he loses. The stakes is high, and there’s nothing like watching a human fight for the livelihood of their career.

Godspeed and Good luck, Weidman. You opened up this middleweight hell hole, now it’s time to start building a lid for it.

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