Hot Damn, That Holm/Cyborg Fight Was Even Going Into The 5th

Let me first start by saying I’ve never wanted a fighter to win more than this past weekend. If Holly Holm were to have won, the victory would have easily solidified her as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. Knowing the odds were stacked, like shoe boxes, against Holly in her bout with Cris “Cyborg” Santos, there was still a shred of hope that Holm would pull of some means of spectacular knock out by head kick.

To understand that a fighter has not lost a fight in 10 years, is somewhat inconceivable in professional athletics, let alone in an alternate reality. The legacy of Cris “Cyborg” Santos is riddled with bodies, highlights from her collision with Gina Carano, and performance enhancing drugs. The discussion of Cyborg being a great fighter is always interrupted with the fact that she’s been popped for PEDs several times over the course of her dominance.

Cyborg aside, the main point people should take away from UFC 220, is that Holly Fng Holm was neck and neck with Santos going into the 5th. Holly actually agressed the fight when backed into corners, and was simply counter-struck to pieces once she was able to leave the exchange. Her left eye swollen shut, made an open gate for Cyborg’s right jab to come down the pipe in the 5th and basically put the decision out of reach for Holm.

Had the fight only lasted 3 rounds, Holly would have won. The way it went with 5 rounds, after she took the cards in the first 2, all that was needed was one more 10-9 round, and to not get KO’d or submitted.

The end result of the professional violent exchange solidifies Holly as an upper echelon gate keeper, and Cyborg as a beatable human. Not much analysis here from me- Just two sentiments: Holly Holm will be a two-time champion before she retires, and Cyborg will fall at some point. It’s just too damn bad it didn’t happen UFC 220.

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