Friday, June 3 We Go For All 85

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I know- I know I promised a series of articles on theatre, race, disparity, and the Guthrie providing faux diversity- the worst diversity. Alas, my schedule for this upcoming release has thrown me the curviest of curve balls. So, let’s get to what we have at hand:

May not be news to you, but it damn well is to me. We had a debacle deciding which poster to go with for June 3. I finagled a photo shoot with the amazing Anthony Harlin while in the middle of a shoot for Dave Buchanan’s short film. I’ll just say that Mr. Harlin has an amazing depth of know-how in lighting that served the quick photo op very well. Took me long enough, but I reached a verdict on how to use the photo for the upcoming poster.

Here’s the first draft that didn’t make the print:

BLB June 3 Poster 2

Now, here’s the draft that DID make the print:BLB June 3 Flier

Yes, as tempting as it was to print another 11×17 with my mug stretched across it, only the lower half of my jaw made it onto this one. Enjoy, I say.

The idea for Best When Sung From The Gutter is to create a collection of written works that serve on all mediums: Film, live performance, chapbook, filmed live performance, and audio. Next week, we’ll give you a video promo and perhaps a teaser at some of the footage from the live performances.

Right now, I’m still in the throes of writing new pieces for June 3rd, and will spend the two weeks leading up to the show memorizing.

Our main goal for June 3rd, is to sell out the Bryant Lake Bowl. The theatre manager tells me there are 85 seats in the Bryant Lake Bowl theatre. Here is your chance to stake claim to one (or more) of those seats by clicking HERE for advanced tickets.

Here’s to selling this mutha out! Stay in touch, we’ll holla at you sooner than later.

And for good measure, here are two more pics of me staring like a deer into the headlights…

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