For $1 A Month, You Can Support Kick Ass Art

Toussaint Morrison August 3, 2017 CultureOrgy Comments Off on For $1 A Month, You Can Support Kick Ass Art

The Patreon for my new channel just got a lil more kick ass. I’ve added a $1 reward to the Patreon, where you’ll get episodes a week early before they release to the public, as well as access to the Patron-Only feed where I’ll be updating you on progress we’re making with new films, web series, and content! So, please take a look at the new channel, and then click on the link HERE to become an Urban Home Participant, support my art, and get a few awesome kick backs in the process!

Every day, I feel like I’m learning something new about maintaining a Patreon and film channel. The beginning was nothing compared to the 1st month of figuring out how the hell to not freak out and just stick to the path I set from the start. Watching other Patreons I modeled mine after, looked like they’d taken on prominence with ease. Very quickly, I learned not a damn thing comes with ease in a crowdfunding situation. You have to crawl your way to a sustainable victory in this game. The art is going to happen regardless, it just can’t happen on the level I want it to if there isn’t a crowd supporting it and a budget behind it.

The “Tatiana & Toussaint” web series is moving way better than I originally thought, and has resonated with more folks than I initially planned on for the first month. We need around 4000 more views to become a monetized channel, and 40 more subscribers to the YouTube channel to get a custom URL. The hoops to jump thru are real, and most importantly the growth is actually happening. All in all, it’s a process, and as Joel Embiid says, “Trust The Process”.

So, that’s your update into my film endeavored life. I hope you choose to become a Patron at one of the reward categories, and help us keep the train movin’!

Stay Tuned…

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