Baby Gots Venom, How We Made That

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The official video for Baby Gots Venom is now public! You can click above to watch, share, and like. Please do all 3 if your time permits so. In the meantime, here’s how we made it.

I’d say in all it was around a day-and-a-half of filming, and then two full days of pre-production to get ready for Baby Gots Venom. When I originally brough the project to Kevin Obsatz, his first reply was somewhere in the realm of “Cool. Bring me a solid treatment and I’ll consider.” My pitches are horrible, by the way. I must’ve explained it to him like a 6 year old breaking down a synopsis of a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer. I pretty much over-extended my enamored vision of what the video would be.

Kevin’s main concern, once I brought him a fleshed out treatment, was that the camera was moving the entire time. I’d already taken a project up with phenom director of photography, Travis Higgins, and it got somewhat canned because it was just too much to be holding a 30 lb. camera, Ronin, and attachments. So, I mentioned to Kevin that we could use a stabilizer- this being after he told me he had a Black Magic Mini camera. The purchase couldn’t have been more perfect in timing. With that out of the way, who could we get to play the potential significant other of my character and where the hell would we shoot. Luckily, my former classmate with a smile for days, Brittany Benjamin, was able to eek us into her busy busy schedule and bestow the film her talents for a few film hours.

As Kevin and I were meeting about getting a stabilizer for his camera to make smooth, light movements throughout the entire film, I looked to the counter where Ty, owner of Workhorse coffee, was greeting guests. Sidenote: There is customer service and then there’s hospitality. In a state with little to no hospitality and rhythm, Ty surely lands in the minority with a warm smile and genuine welcoming to anyone that walks through the door. Approaching Ty, I could feel that I wouldn’t take anything personal from it if Ty were to turn me down. Alas, Ty approved and we were able to film in Workhorse after closing and in the morning.

Once finito, with planning, Amiri Brotherson, Kaija McPellinen, and Adri Mehra were nice enough to donate their talents as extras and faces in the grand scheme of our film’s arc. So, big thanks to them for helping out on a whim, as well as Ty for loaning a film location for us to create our film.

In the end, I’m insanely proud of this flick, and hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, big big thanks to Myspace and Adam Bernard for covering the video and premiering it last Thursday! Was an honor to work with y’all!

See you in the next one! Stay tuned…

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