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Tatiana & Toussaint Find Home On… Instagram?

Two and a half months ago, I released a web series “Tatiana & Toussaint”. The initial plan was to promote each episode via Google AdWords, and garner a subscription fanbase from there. The Patreon is the foundation of the whole [...]

October 19, 2017 CultureOrgy, Vids

What Is A Patreon Anyway?

7:23AM 7.12.17, Minneapolis, MN How This Works. Right now, it’s 7:25am and I’m sitting in Peace Coffee on Minnehaha Ave. in Minneapolis, MN. I have approximately 25 minutes to saunter onto set for filming day 4 of 4 of a [...]

July 13, 2017 CultureOrgy, Vids

Baby Gots Venom, How We Made That

The official video for Baby Gots Venom is now public! You can click above to watch, share, and like. Please do all 3 if your time permits so. In the meantime, here’s how we made it. I’d say in all [...]

May 1, 2017 CultureOrgy, Vids

Paper Prophet & Adam J Dunn Combine In Motion Audio Video, Freshness Restored to The Land

Some artists tell you how it’s done, and then there are artists that show you how it’s done. The Paper Prophet and Adam J Dunn are of the latter ilk. If they told you how they get it done, then [...]

April 3, 2017 CultureOrgy, Vids

Yep, Last Day of School is getting Re-Released

You might’ve been one of the people that downloaded the famed mixtape that Dr. Wylie and I pieced together titled Fast Times at Trillmont High, based on a hypothetical Korean Immersion High School in Milwaukee that had just be reopened [...]

March 8, 2017 AudioDealer, CultureOrgy, Vids

Friday, Nov. 4th, We All Go Marching In

ADV TIX: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2602700 I really wanted to call the Album Release Show for Friday, Nov. 4th, a “Private Album Release Show”, but the phrasing just can’t escape sounding creepy no matter what font you use, and the word “Private” has too [...]

October 24, 2016 CultureOrgy, Vids

Making Of: Minnesota

I believe it was over 2 years ago, I heard a dangerously cryptic song on banjo through Espresso Royale’s speakers, as I was writing. Still in the works of finishing Edo, I thought to sample the song, but then quickly [...]

October 10, 2016 AudioDealer, CultureOrgy, Vids

Yeah, We Smashed That Melon.

Yep, we smashed the shit outta that melon- I mean, a guy named Neil smashed the shit outta that melon, but nonetheless, we (I mean, me- Toussaint) commissioned it. Nay formalities, we had a too-good of time and were unfortunately unable [...]

October 29, 2014 CultureOrgy, Vids

That’s A Wrrrrrrap! #LifeCoach Finishes Its First Season

Two years ago, I filmed the first episode (Nobody Wants A Starer) of #LifeCoach, with Ben McGinley at the camera and Paul Rutledge sitting across the table from me. The sun was falling quickly, so our light was angling differently for [...]

October 22, 2014 CultureOrgy, Vids

Raising The Roosevelt

Sorting through the final possibilities to film another video in conjunction with the Fast Times mixtape, I looked over the songs “Prom So Hard”, “Alternative Cool” and “Roosevelt Roosevelt”. Whereas “Prom So Hard” would involve an amalgam of confetti, expensive [...]

March 11, 2014 Vids