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Yanez Found Not Guilty, My Heart Is Broken

I’m sitting at Bob’s Java Hut on Lyndale watching and waiting for the verdict to be read. Hitting refresh on the browser is forcing my computer into a temporary freeze, as it was bought in 2011 and most likely is [...]

June 16, 2017 CultureOrgy

We Need To Talk About That Black Panther Trailer

Upon Friday nightfall, June 9th, 2017 (year of our lord), the internet was blessed with roughly 2 minutes of Ryan Coogler’s tastiest footage to date in the form of a film trailer for Black Panther. I still respectively hold his [...]

June 14, 2017 CultureOrgy

Good For Gustafsson

As the majority of the UFC remain populated with speculative non-fights, braggadocio paper champions, and title fights constructed from the algorithms of a 5-year old, there was a shining moment this past Sunday morning (in America), where Alexander Gustafsson put [...]

May 31, 2017 CultureOrgy

Your Official Bev for The Album Release Show at Icehouse (5/26/17)

Someone named Bob entered a bar to speak with a bartender named Whitney. Bob owns 11 Wells Distillery, Whitney runs the bar at the Icehouse, and together thru the alchemy & sweet science of bourbon they forged a contrivance of [...]

May 25, 2017 CultureOrgy

Baby Gots Venom, How We Made That

The official video for Baby Gots Venom is now public! You can click above to watch, share, and like. Please do all 3 if your time permits so. In the meantime, here’s how we made it. I’d say in all [...]

May 1, 2017 CultureOrgy, Vids

Why David J. Buchanan’s Premier of Rideshare is Important

All Info for David J. Buchanan’s Premier of Rideshare I met Dave Buchanan on lunch in 2014, while filming Studio Luma. The Luma project was a year+ long stint that would serve as a film school for actors with infrequent [...]

April 26, 2017 CultureOrgy

Paper Prophet & Adam J Dunn Combine In Motion Audio Video, Freshness Restored to The Land

Some artists tell you how it’s done, and then there are artists that show you how it’s done. The Paper Prophet and Adam J Dunn are of the latter ilk. If they told you how they get it done, then [...]

April 3, 2017 CultureOrgy, Vids

Appropriation Wars: Iron Fist < Ghost In A Shell

Iron Fist is a story about a rich white guy who wound up learning Kung-Fu from people in Southeast Asia, all the while his family thought he was missing. I’m going to stop there. The story of Danny Rand is [...]

March 24, 2017 CultureOrgy

Report: Adam J Dunn Makes Fly Motion Audio Video, Proves Continued Freshness

I wont’ be too long with this one, so I’ll start off by saying whatever you’re doing is most likely not at the freshness level of this video. What is this video, you ask? It is a combined effort of [...]

March 21, 2017 AudioDealer, CultureOrgy

I’m Kinda Done With MMA

This past Saturday, Jimi Manuwa, an extraordinary mixed martial artist, knocked out Corey Anderson with a brilliant left hook perfectly placed to the lower jaw. Manuwa moves on to 17-2 in the UFC, and he will most likely fight… I [...]

March 20, 2017 CultureOrgy