BaristaReview… The Return

Toussaint Morrison October 13, 2017 BaristaReview Comments Off on BaristaReview… The Return

I’ll admit, it got distant there for quite a long time. I had taken too much pride in the fact that I’d given a piece of my mind and still galavanted the concrete as some type of unannounced caffeine aficionado. I’d become the exact caliber of prick that influenced my pen to start BaristaReview in the first place: The pretentious knows-more up-charging the donuts because the interior decor is that much more precious looking than the next place. I got concerned with the “look” of the blog, more than the actual words on it.

Traveling, I’d stop in other shops and think “Hot damn, I really should write a BaristaReview for this joint”, and then absolutely do nothing about it. Soon, my laptop screen bulb burst into million colors and rendered it useless… well, useless for the first 10 minutes it took to start up. The colors would beam in and out until it gave you a solid screen with the brightness turned up so high, you thought your retinas were going to burn out on the spot. The colors before the brightness resembled a Max Headroom commercial of sorts, minus Max Headroom. So, I blamed my lack of proactivity on the laptop. I vowed that I’d buy a new laptop and then I’d show them, I’d blow the whole damn popsicle stand on these ungrateful rapscallion coffee shop owners, and shed light on the caffeinated greatness & hospitality that lies in the city.

Writer’s block is real, flat earthers are real, and perhaps procrastination is realest of them all. Aye, I’ll have none of them. October is a perfect month to kick this mutha back up, and have the best of 2017 locked and loaded by January 2018 for the ol’ Mill City and Pig’s Eye (Minneapolis and Saint Paul, for you non-historical types), and report on coffee shops, houses and all the caffeinated connoisseurs alike back under the steel gavel of BaristaReview.

With that said, brace your political arm-chairs, Barista Review returns with a vengeance.

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