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    Conor McGregor Will Not Win This Saturday

    The Americanization of MMA over the past decade has wrought a marketing aesthetic eerily similar to that of Pro-Wrestling, and has tipped the scales to value Pay Per Views over event tickets sold. The early

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    Thank You FrostClick & MailChimp

    For 8 years, I traveled the country touring with a band. Tireless and full of brazen grit, we’d show up to any city in any state (as far as our short bus could reach) and

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    Dr. Wylie Kickstarter, FUNDED. How he did it…

    Earlier this week, Dr. Wylie’s Kickstarter reached its goal of $3000, now granting him the go ahead to create 8-Bit Ringtones, print t-shirts & sweaters, and compile a motley crew of backers into an 8-Bit

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    Dr. Wylie Releases Kickstarter, Offers Your Own Personal Theme Music

    First thing’s first, Wylie’s Kickstarter is right HERE. Not much to say here. Dr. Wylie’s Kickstarter hath been released and he’s already at 14% for his goal. Ok, maybe there’s more to say here. Wylie is

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    We Have A Predicament Here

    I’ll keep this short, the next 6 months will involve more blog posts, updates and songs than I’ve ever taken on. So, as I venture into this breadth of work, I’ll be posting a Kickstarter for my