• teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-2-jpg

    But Seriously, We Need To Talk About That TMNT 2 Trailer

    TMNT consecrated many bonds betwixt my 6th grade friends and I. It also triggered recess battles that would dwarf a super-max prison yard fight. If you favorited Donatello, some folks just weren’t down with that

  • HolmFoxSherdog-430x270

    It’s Ok To Cry, It’s Ok To Be Vulnerable, And Other Reminders From Holly Holm

    20 years from now, your children will scroll through YouTube vids on their iPhone 26S, stumbling onto a playlist poorly titled “greatest fights in history MMA fighting”. On that list will undoubtedly be the first

  • 2015-11-20 08.21.43

    I Bought A Giant Piece Of Art, And Immediately Did Not Regret It

    I’ve entered coffeeshops thousands of times- seriously thousands- and I’ve always taken liking to new art hanging on the walls. So, this particular afternoon when I stepped into Espresso Royale (Downtown Minneapolis), I took exception

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    Paris Of Color In The Aftermath

    As the smoke and vitriol attempt to settle in France, we’re left to reach for the nearest hashtag or profile picture filter to settle our own emotional smoke and vitriol. There being absolutely nothing wrong

  • Anelace 3

    That Anelace Pour-Over Tho

    Someone took a picture of God’s bathroom walls and floor, and then went to replicating it for Anelace’s barista kitchen area. It worked. The axis of any good coffee shop is an above average cup