• I’m Over It

    Give me a human who knocks over someone’s sandcastle and then says they only did it because they were in a bad place, and now

  • For $1 A Month, You Can Support Kick Ass Art

    The Patreon for my new channel just got a lil more kick ass. I’ve added a $1 reward to the Patreon, where you’ll get episodes

  • What If Jon Jones Doesn’t Win?

    I have to be semi-quick with this because I forgot my laptop charger at home. I have roughly 40 minutes to type out this article

  • I Blame All Of This On Chris Weidman

    There was a time when justice prevailed and good was king… then Chris Weidman slugged the consciousness out of Anderson Silva and brought forth a

  • Thank You Hattiloo Theater!

    I’m late. Let’s really not forget that: I’m late. Back in February 2017, an email popped up addressed to my booking manager on a random